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flower essences

Emotional support

Use the Limelight Flower Essences for emotional healing and support as you change and transform yourself.

Over 50 flower essences and blends will support you as you transform your life.

Following consultation a powerful essence is selected as the right one for you or a blend of essences. 

Some flower essences examples:
Busy Lizzie = live in the moment
Autumn Leaves = on your true path
Passion Flower = live in joy
Daffodil = personal power
Pink Cherry  Blossom = abundance
Horsechestnut = inner bliss
SOS = for stress and shock

Flower essences are usually taken orally, misted in the air or applied in a cream. They bring about emotional healing and in doing so not only do they give peace of mind, they also help to relieve physical symptoms.

Fully trained and certified by Rosemary Hanson, founder of the Limelight Essences, I have found these natural essences really do help the purpose of your life's journey and they are created and given with pure love.

Both the flower essences and the card readings taken from the flowers provide

  • A daily message
  • Identify a problem and offer a solution
  • Outline the important issues in your current life

A Flower Essence consultation
This one-to-one consultation lasts for one hour. A medical history is taken and present situations taken into account to include social, physical and emotional stress.

This results in the person taking away their own individual blend of essences to bring about their healing.

Personal consultation of one hour or selection of flower essences from the Limelight website.  Email report available.


Order now

Order your individual Flower Essence Report online now using PayPal, Mastercard or Visa accepted. Your report is personally prepared for you by Pauline Rose. After ordering, you will be contacted via email by Pauline for additional information needed to prepare your chart.

Personal / distance readings £35

General reading or past, present, future. Also current situation, blockages and what to do going forward.

With extra cost of chosen flower essences £10

Personal / distance card readings £15

With extra cost of chosen flower essences £10




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